Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tom's early present

Tom FINALLY got a new pickup. It's a Ford 150 White. I will put a picture on this blog when I get one. But he took it home (to Hagerman) the same day he got it so I didn't have time to take a picture. He calls us all the time saying how much he loves it. I think he's very happy.

More news on Sarah, our friend with the new lungs. She's doing great. She has got off the vent and she has stood up. Wow and that is less than one week. Wonderful things happening here.

We have our tree up and I took a picture of it while Willie was talking to one of his cousins. I will get more pictures up here now that I know how it is working.

God's blessing on all of you.


Coach said...

It is about time Tom got a new pickup. Living with Terri all these years should get him more than a new pickup !!! Will should get a Corvette.

Christi said...

Maybe the "cousin" he was talking to would like her name mentioned once in awhile. Not that I do....I mean, she does...or he does...whatever.