Friday, February 12, 2010

I decided to change Will's picture. I hope everyone likes it.
It was Angel's birthday on January 28th. She turned 28 years old. What a wonderful woman she is, and a great mom, too. Tom and I feel very, very proud of her and I hope she knows that.
Happy Birthday, baby girl.
We love you so much.

Here is the cutest picture of Kayli---(do I say that about all of them???? forgive me) It looks like she is saying "What??? I didn't do anything! It was the cat."

Kayli turned six months old on the 9th of February. Happy half year birthday little girl.
She is such a H U G E blessing to all of us. God made sure he gave us the perfect little girl with the biggest smiles. Thank you, God.


Here is Kayli getting her church clothes on. This is a little outfit Grandma picked up for her. It even had a little feather hat for her to wear. She was so stylin'.


is Aaron's team playing the Super Bowl. Even though the Colts didn't win, Aaron was proud of his team just getting there.


Here is little Kayli all bundled up for our first walk in the stroller. Angel and I took her to visit the nursing home right down the street. Boy, was she a hit. We need to do more of that because it made their day. (and of course, Kayli loved the attention because she doesn't get enough of it at home. hee hee)

Just another cute picture-she is almost always like this. She loves life. I think we could all learn from her.

It has been a while since I have put anything on here. We have been going forward in this thing called life. Getting stuff taken care of. One of the most important things has been writing the scholarship application for Will's memorial scholarship. We are so proud of that and we will let you all know when we award that to a young man and young woman from Jerome High School.

This has been a rough week. Some weeks are just better than others. We had to finalize Will's headstone and pick out a "perfect" picture out of hundreds and hundreds to go on the bench. That was rough because there isn't just one. We tried to find one that showed his funny, honery side. If you all know him, you know what "look" we were looking for. We are hoping that they will be able to set his stone bench before his birthday in April. Then we finished writing the scholarship application description of Will. That was harder than you would think. We had to put his "description" in a couple of paragraphs. Well, I could write a book about that so we really had our work cut out for us. It came out good, I hope.


When someone who gives your life meaning dies, it makes you feel lost.

No matter how much you have prepared for it----you're not prepared.

No matter how many words we were allowed to share at the end,
there were still things we didn't get to say.

Someone who has brought us joy and laughter is not here anymore,

Life is not the same and sometimes it just hurts.

But then......Kayli smiles and we know how good life is again.
I want to share with some of you what I have been pondering. (Some of you already have been led down this road.)
Nothing but the great "bumps in the road" that we have experienced, would have ever led us to know God as we have, and to draw from Him the measure of peace we have needed to continue on during these times. I am so glad that Will came to know what was waiting for him. That gives this mother's heart peace, most of the time. Our God is so awesome and I thank Him for the blessings He has given us.

One of the best blessings God gave us is all of you who love Will and Will's family.
Thank you and we love you right back at ya.

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T*A*N*Y*A* said...

I'm glad to know that you have the most Beautiful baby on earth that has a smile to melt your heart that makes your world turn...