Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm not very good about posting blogs anymore, am I?

I guess I just know this is Will's blog and there's not much to say. Maybe a few things now and then that are meaningful. Will's team the Dallas Cowboys are still in the running and doing great so all of you can cheer them on for Will. After the last game, Matt (our nephew) called and said Will is grinning big and chewing on a red vine right now. That's a great picture to put in our head, isn't it. Makes you smile.

Like maybe I will blog in a few weeks because we are getting ready to set up the "guidelines" on Will's scholarship. We have been raising money and we think we have enough to offer TWO scholarships, one for a boy and one for a girl. This is soooooooooooo special. We are very excited to be a part of something that will impact students and remind people what Will was all about. We will have a few other people helping along with Angel and Aaron. But we were trying to decide what GPA to put on the requirements and Brent told me that we needed it to be at least 3.5. The reason being is that Will ALWAYS had high standards and there is no reason that his scholarship shouldn't continue with that. I like that. Something of his 'standards' being carried on. He was always on his team to be better-do better in school. Will knew that that was the cornerstone that you had to build your life.

Even though Will is gone from us, he's still able to influence young minds. What a great memorial to him. I pray that we can keep this scholarship going every year.


Kayli update

Kayli has been sick, it seems like forever. She had pneumonia and she's just getting over it. I'll tell you, you would think that I could handle something as "simple" as pneumonia after what I have been through with Will-----well, guess again. I was a basket case. That's not good either. Boy, I turned into one of those "grandmothers from ____ (fill in the blank). I was so nervous. What's up with that???? Anyway, after much pacing the floor, praying and holding her whenever I could, she's better. Thank you God. I did have a little talk with her and told her she couldn't do that again to us. Tom and I are toooooo old for this.

Angel got very sick also and so they had a double whammy to take care of at their house. Angel still has a terrible cough but I think she's getting better.

But the good news (at least for Tom and I) is that they are doing some remodeling on their house and they are staying with us for a few weeks. FANTASTIC! It is so much fun to have them (all of them) in the house when I get home from work. What a blessing family is. I know I have said it before but I will say it again--FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!!!!!




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Miss W said...

Bless you, Terri, for you continued efforts to keep us informed. As Will's scholarship will keep him present in our hearts and minds, so does your blogging. All that said, we also know how painful it is to keep it up. Never fear letting the blog go. After all, you're on Facebook and can post there just as easily.

Some of us are addicted to the blog and it's a daily ritual to say hello to Will and see if there are words from you. We will be okay! We may need a 12-step program, but we'll be okay ;)

Blessings to all of you for health and happiness in 2010!