Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I know if Will was here right now he would be wishing his dad a very happy Father's Day. So I am doing it for him. Happy Father's Day, Tom. Will knew he had the best dad on earth. Just imagine who Will is celebrating father's day with today. WOW!
And to all you great fathers out there-take the day off and enjoy yourself. It's tough being a daddy.
I will get pictures up here from our Oregon trip asap.
My sister, two nieces, and Jeffery, my great-nephew are up from California visiting us for the week. Fun times ahead.


Scratch the hostile fay said...

That's sad...knew someone whith CF a long time ago, he died in 2000... nasty stuff.

But, your Will's with better company now... ;)


T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Tom is the best dad!!! Love you Tom and Terri!!!

Haneys said...

I don't know what brought me back here, but I wanted to post this time to let you know we love you guys. We think of you all the time! I read something you posted about time passing both quickly and slowly all at once. I feel the same way. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have grown up in such close proximity to people of such GREAT character as the Harbison's. Your awesomeness is relentless! **Kisses** & ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

wow, your love is inspiring! I wonder if Will would have wished that every Nov. 4th could be a celebration because the pain went away and he became whole again. He may have had more pain from know how much you all loved him and wishing he could heal for you. He is well now I am sure!

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Happy father day :)

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